Guls Studio offers complete office refurbishment, providing bespoke interior design solutions for companies throughout Pakistan.

Having started out in 1998 with a small team of staff dedicated to delivering top quality work and exceptional service, we have continued to grow. Expansion is viewed as directly dependent on customer satisfaction and today that success is reflected in a professional workforce.

In 2000 we achieved ISO 90021:2000 certification and a year later Guls Studio Interiors relocated to larger office premises in Karachi to accommodate rising demand and allow further expansion.

In 2005 we committed to Invest in People, to nurture full potential in our staff. Company fitters are all trained or accredited under the CITB Construction Skills Certification Scheme. On-going investment in new facilities has been enhanced by the expansion of network information systems, design facilities, broadband telecommunications and electronic data interchange facilities.

Through prudent business management we have sustained continuous growth and successfully emerged from a challenging period, fit for the future.



Guls Studio Interiors aims to build lasting partnerships with clients and suppliers, combining effective design solutions with unrivalled service excellence. We are committed to providing the ultimate commercial refurbishment service, professionally managed, inventively planned and perfectly executed, using our extensive expertise to deliver efficient office space. Designed to maximise skills and create a stimulating work environment.



Recognising how your surroundings can affect you, your employees and your clients is crucial to the running, and ultimate success of any business.

We're proud of the approach we take in helping clients make the most of their workspace. We believe it's this process and the methods we use to expand, manage and realise your company vision that makes us stand out from our competitors.

The right working environment should represent your brand values and the culture of your business. It should also reflect the ethos of your organisation, enhancing staff morale and inspiring customer confidence.



Guls Studio are proud of the work they do, and continually strives to improve the services for our clients. The trust given to us by our clients through the provision of premium products and providing the highest standard of services is the foundation of our business, we strive to always be professional. 

You can get in touch via our website for a full and frank conversation to discuss your requirements.