Single-glazed partitions are designed with the minimum of components. This makes them quick to erect,  yet doesn’t compromise on strength or safety. They are an excellent choice for normal office use where standard performance is required; they are competitively priced and highly adaptable.

Adeptly creating modern and clean lines inside office spaces, there are numerous design options available for interior glass partitions. They can be installed with a range of sliding doors or timber doors and can be framed or frameless with all manner of graphic designs.



Offering powerful acoustic performance, enhanced structural properties, insulation properties and fire resistance, double-glazed glass partitions are a highly practical option. Communicative environments will benefit from reduced noise properties, and high-traffic areas will benefit from their strength and safety qualities.

Design options remain open; our office glass partitions come in a wide range of choices, many of which can incorporate blinds in-between the glass panels. Framed and frameless styles are still available and graphic designs can be easily added to the double-glazed glass partitions.



If it is performance-rated glass you require, we can provide internal glass walls that are highly tested against fire, acoustics, and structural requirements to ensure they provide a strong, dependable, and safe solution. Fire resistance ranges from 30 – 60 minutes and sound reduction up to 49dB (RW). Some models have also passed additional standards to meet crowd pressure requirements which is important in public areas.

Both single and double-glazed options can incorporate blinds, doors and even SwitchGlass panels for privacy, as well as bespoke graphics and manifestations.


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